Thursday, March 3, 2016

Worth Reading - March 3, 2016

To my great frustration last night my PC updated and I lost all the notes I made for this week's worth reading. I am tempted to launch into a diatribe about how no update should be launched with open files, but I'll constrain myself. SIGH.

Strong Towns is a fantastic organization. One of their goals is to provide everyday people with the tools to advocate for the communities. This is a story of man using Strong Towns' materials to push for change in his community. 

From the Ottawa Citizen, Peter Loewen says that fears of democratic crisis belong more at our sad provincial scenes, not the federal level. 

Here are some reflections on city-building games and their innate assumptions. These are some of my favourite games, Cities: Skylines is fantastic.

An Italian writer warns Americans that Trump is slotting nicely into Berlusconi's model

Also from Strong Towns, one problem in the US is a shortage of traditional urban areas that people increasingly want. 

Not long ago I was a university student in the midst of binge drinking culture. CBC put out a documentary looking at the binge drinking culture of young women and some of the scary and dangerous consequences. I recommend it.

The Northern Journal looks to ending its run in Fort Smith. I worked a lot with the Northern Journal in my time in the North and was sad to see this news.

Here is the final editorial of the Northern Journal. Another sad statement on the place of newspapers.

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