Monday, December 1, 2008

Letters to Leaders

Fair Vote Canada, an electoral reform advocacy group has asked members to contact their members of parliament and the leaders and demand them to uphold democratic principles. I wrote my MP, Allen Malcolm and Jack Layton. I am a member of the New Democtic Party, and so felt this was the best way to express myself.

Dear Mr. Layton,

In the previous election you informed the voters that as a condition of joining in a minority government you would demand a referendum on proportional representation. Will you keep your promise to me - a supporter, and constituent of an NDP parliamentarian and all Canadians, and demand that a vote be held? Will a reform minded leader be put into the Democratic Reform slot - Liberal or NDP? Had proportional representation been in place for the 40th Canadian Federal election we would not be having the trouble we are now, with your party and the Liberals dependent upon the Bloc for support, which is very troubling for people like myself. I am a democratic reformer first, and a New Democrat second, please keep your promise Mr. Layton. Canadian reformers are counting on you.

Thank you,
Steven J. Lee
St. Catharines

To get the information you need to contact your member of parliament click the link below:

Also please consult Fair Vote Canada's website to see the promises we can hold the parties to.