What is an Orange Tory?

Orange Tory is a term I came up with to describe my difficult position on the Canadian/Ontario political spectrum. The term was inspired by the traditional label "Red Tory". Since becoming politically aware I have moved between two political parties, the New Democrats and the Conservatives (or Progressive Conservatives provincially).  Red Tory is a reference to the colour red being associated with socialism, but I decided an allusion to Canadian social democracy was more appropriate. 

My general philosophy can be ascertained through my posts on various topics. I believe in balanced budgets, fiscal discipline, and that a sturdy welfare state is necessary for a healthy society and economy. While I believe market solutions are often the best, I am highly suspicious of capitalism as a driving mentality and the consequences for the public good. I believe in the traditional structures of Canadian governance, such as the monarchy, but I strongly advocate for democratic reform, in particular some sort of mixed-member proportional. I am a progressive in terms of urban development and transportation policies, which are very important to me. 

While I consider myself on the political left many of my positions place me on the right, or centre. I abhor partisanship, and even still find flaws within my current political party. My thinking is that as part of the NDP I can better change its character to reach the best policies and reforms. 


ArcticBill said...

Pretty much sums up what I believe in. We need an "Orange Tory Party of Canada." We can make common sense, non-partisan decisions. Keep taxes to a minimum, but structure it around creating an incentive to give Canadians secure, quality jobs. At the same time maximize individual liberties by taking government out of private issues like abortion and recreational drug use. But common sense and politics unfortunately are rarely aligned.

SJL said...

I can sympathize with that Bill. Part of the reason I joined a party is to push it more in the direction I want. Politics and commonsense will only meet if we make them. Thanks for reading.

Annamarie Bohus said...

Thank you for giving a name to my political beliefs as well. 'The Orange Tory': count me in! I like your blog and the fresh, honest, intelligent voice you bring to our political discourse.
If you ever decide to run for office, you'll have my support!