Thursday, March 10, 2016

Worth Reading - March 10, 2016

Johnny Sanphillippo writes about the language around gentrification and white flight. He argues that this might belie a deeper conversation about poverty and poor people.

Suburban poverty is something I think about a lot. From Strong Towns, here is a piece about suburban decline in Florida

Jon Lorinc in Spacing writes that York Region and a lack of provincial leadership means more delays for the critical Downtown Relief Line. 

CGP Grey made a wonderful video about the philosophy of Star Trek's transporters.  

Sigh. Disappointingly Premier Kathleen Wynne is supporting Ontario's dubious political donation system

A 14-year-old Winnipeg girl penned a letter to the mayor and police for if she went missing

Related to the Johnny Sanphillippo piece above, how do cities grow without alienating their poorer residents

Colbie Cash's piece on Donald Trump/Drumpf is a bit meandering, but it gets at an important point, that he represents a key part of the American political landscape

And speaking of which, SNL created a wonder little ad for Trump. Enjoy

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