Thursday, March 17, 2016

Worth Reading - March 17, 2016

Chatter about Americans fleeing Trump's America has Andray Domise saying those people can stay home

CBC reported on a student's complaint of sexual assault against a Brock University professor and the failure of the university administration to act effectively. I am outraged for the victim, I am heartbroken for my department and disappointed in my alma mater.

Rare in incidents such as these, the woman at the centre of this released a statement. I would hope this statement is widely read because it gives a view from the perspective of someone in the middle of this kind of situation and the difficulties of the system and culture around it.

Several dozen faculty at Brock has signed an open letter calling for changes to university policy to make things like this impossible from happening again. 

Divyesh Mistry wrote a piece about NIMBYism in the GTA

Martin Regg Cohn asks whether or not Patrick Brown, leader of the Progressive Party of Ontario, can revive the Big Blue Machine in light of the floundering Liberals. 

Manitoba is in the middle of its own election. The final vote is April 19th. I will gladly accept the late birthday gift of election drama.

Chantal Hebert writes that the Conservatives and NDP should reassess its approach to the Liberal government and Prime Minister Trudeau.  

President Barack Obama has made his selection to replace Antonin Scalia on the supreme court, one Merrick Garland

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