Thursday, March 24, 2016

Worth Reading - March 24, 2016

New Zealand clearly made the wrong choice in the flag referendum

The Washington Post shared its entire transcript of its sit down with Donald Trump. Whew...

Speaking of Trump, here is a piece about the rise of authoritarianism in American politics from Vox. 

Sean Marshall has a great piece about passenger rail in Canada here

Jim Hillyer, a Conservative Member of Parliament for Alberta, passed away suddenly in his office at a very young age. All the party leaders offered touching condolences and remarks about the man in the House.  

Former mayor Rob Ford passed away this week. From Now here is a piece that talks about Ford's important contribution to the divides in Toronto, though he was hardly a competent mayor. 

Another piece on Rob Ford's tenure as mayor by Edward Keenan. 

With Rob Ford's passing City Council must decide what to do with his seat, likely leading to a by-election

There is a new book out about the revival of a post-industrial Australian city, it may contain lessons for citizens in Canada's rust belt. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed 7 new, admittedly impressive, independent senators

In the Globe and Mail William Thorsell panics over the appearance of independent senators 

This author is very excited for the strategy video game Stellaris, and I am too. 

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