Thursday, July 9, 2015

Worth Reading - July 9, 2015

I spent my night last night at Brampton City Council watching delegations present on the Hurontario-Main LRT (I also wrote about this on Tuesday). Peter Criscione wrote up the story, which concludes with Council delaying the decision a further six weeks after a six-hour meeting. 

A study by the Fraser Institute suggests that amalgamation was a misstep

Stephen Maher writes that political parties need to become more accountable

There is a proposal to build a massive statue, the Mother of Canada, on Cape Breton Island to commemorate our war dead. Colby Cash in the National Post ridicules this grandioise, narrow symbol and redirects to where it matters more. I would add that I have previously supported more public art and statues in this country.

Vox has an article on how the American Revolution was a terrible mistake. I found this essay novel, but there are major flaws in it as well. Fun to think about though.

Alice Funke scrutinizes our election laws and finds another gaping hole that explains why a Quebec separatist party has a candidate in the Peterborough, Ontario by-election. 

Prime Minister Harper has shed a significant number of prominent cabinet members since the last election. Andrew Coyne writes that he increasingly stands alone

Adam Radwanski asks how is Premier Kathleen Wynne impacting the federal Liberal vote

As the author writes, underfunding transit is becoming as Canadian as maple syrup. Here is an explanation of why. Oddly appropriate given last night.

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