Thursday, July 16, 2015

Worth Reading - July 16, 2015

Andrew Coyne writes about the question of whether we're not in or heading into a recession and how silly that specific debate is

Jon Kay in the Walrus writes in defence of the much-maligned Pan Am Games and Toronto's whining as it develops into a world-class city

Neil MacDonald at CBC writes about what Canada can learn from the United States. He raises some very interesting points.

Life on Brampton's City Council has only become more difficult for Mayor Linda Jeffrey in the wake of the delaying vote on the LRT. Grain of salt, the article cites Councillor Sprovieri who has many critics of his own.

Ever wonder what political parties spend their money on? A reporter from Global has some answers. 

Jen Gerson (someone you should definitely follow on Twitter) writes that Stephen Harper's approach to media is childish. My word choice, not hers.

Martin Regg Cohn writes that Harper's aversion to meeting with Premier's will only increase the importance of Premier conferences going forward. 

Finally, two articles from Granola Shotgun. The first is about accommodating growth and success in suburban cities and the obstacles that it presents. Second, one about Cincinnati and redeveloping old urban properties.

This is the maiden speech by Mhairi Black, the youngest MP in the UK House of Commons of the Scottish Nationalist Party. Quite impressive, in my opinion. 

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