Thursday, July 2, 2015

Worth Reading - July 2, 2015

The latest addition to the Giant Bomb (a website about video games, sort of) crew, Austin Walker, penned this piece talking about criticism. The topic is specific to video games but his defence of criticism and how it should be interpreted is informative to a whole bunch of different media. In this piece he has an aside about how great Kids in the Hall is so that's worth it if nothing else.

From the Bramptonist Kevin Montgomery writes a defence of the Hurontario-Main LRT

Eric Grenier takes a look at what the federal political landscape looks like as the NDP moves into first place in polls

Dale Smith writes a defence of First-Past-the-Post and how reformers should focus on improving the current system rather than starting with a new one

Reported in the Brampton Guardian, the debate around the Hurontario-Main LRT is turning nasty

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber writes about Bill C-377 and the Senate

The Communism Memorial seems to be opposed by everyone in Ottawa except for the Conservative cabinet. John Ivison writes how the Conservatives' obsession with squeezing every vote led to this situation.

Divyesh Mistry has written a series of pieces about the Hurontario-Main LRT, why tunneling isn't practical, the problem with using Kennedy Road instead, and the incredible costs of tunneling.

Finally, Samara Canada's Everyday Political Citizen contest is open for nominations! I will be submitting a nomination today, you should too!

I hope that when our next election concludes the result is not quite as unsatisfactory. This video does a great job and highlighting the weaknesses of the FPTP system. 

My preferred voting system for the House of Commons would be mixed member proportional. Here is a video from Fair Vote Canada explaining what it might look like. 

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