Thursday, July 30, 2015

Worth Reading - July 30, 2015

A significant group of Canadians have become disenfranchised. Canadians living overseas have now lost the right to vote

Brent Rathgeber (IND-Edmonton-St. Albert, AB) writes that the Universal Child Care Benefit has everything to do with the election and little to do with good policy. 

Jonathan Kay at The Walrus writes why Donald Trump can exist in American politics but not in Canada. 

Chateleine magazine did an interview with Ruth Ellen Brosseau (NDP-Berthier-Maskinonge, QC), better known as the Vegas MP. I've heard many positive things about Brosseau as an MP, and the article touches on gender and politics.

Maclean's has a piece by Alice Funke arguing that the Prime Minister could break our electoral system with the current financial regulations. 

Prime Minister Harper has announced his "plan" to fix the Senate, choke it into total ineffectiveness and lead to a constitutional crisis

The federal Conservatives have been riding roughshod over the Province of Ontario's priorities and goals in the interest of partisan politics. The Conservatives have been approving lower priority spending in their MPs' ridings to boost support

This piece in the Globe and Mail highlights that the existing cab industry in Toronto had major issues worthy of disruption. 

Austin Walker at Gianbomb writes about the connection between superheroes and cities

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