Thursday, July 23, 2015

Worth Reading - July 23, 2015

As I have written previously on this blog the federal government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives has gone way too far in blurring the line between the government and the Conservative Party. In the latest dust-up are the ridiculous 'announcements' being made by Minister Pierre Poilievre (CPC - Nepean-Carleton, ON) for the Universal Child Care Benefit in Conservative logos and with CPC candidates. 

Granola Shotgun is one of the more interesting blogs I encounter on a regular basis. Here the author talks about the real-estate pendulum and how the suburbs have grown, changed and moved over time and even offers an idea of what might be next. 

The Toronto Star once again beats the drum to kill the Scarborough Subway

The next two go hand-in-hand. Toronto Star reporter San Grewal reported that the proposed Hurontario-Main LRT in Peel will be well short of forecasted capacity. Sean Marshall, active commenter on urban and transit issues, wrote a response to numbers Grewal cites he found inaccurate

Gerry Caplan in the Globe and Mail asks why Harper's democratic record isn't an issue in the election? I can personally say it is for me, but I can see how others might let it slide into the background.

Conservatives in this country like to thumb their chests and say they stand up for men in women in uniform. This piece in the National Post is a damning indictment of the Conservative's naval policy and now we have returned to another 'decade of darkness'. 

Ontario is constantly trying to push up the graduation rate in its high schools. This has come from reforms, but also the lowering of standards

NDP strategist Jamey Heath writes that the Liberal Party is not a true progressive party and stands in the way of meaningful change

This piece made me laugh. PhD student David Moscrop asks why do we need a Liberal Party? Though clearly he has a point of view I think it is a question worthy of reflection.

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