Thursday, June 4, 2015

Worth Reading - June 4, 2015

From the Guardian in the UK, what is the job of a MP? Is constituency work overburdening Members of Parliament

The Ontario government announced plans last week to introduce legislation to allow all municipalities the option of using ranked ballots. I filed this one firmly under "good news".

I referenced this one in my post on Tuesday, but once again here is Andrew Coyne on Peter MacKay's career in public life

If you'd like something different Maclean's has a longer piece about MacKay's career, again, it's hardly glowing

Peter Loewen is obviously a fan of this blog as his piece about allowing politicians to make mistakes, such as Deborah Drever and Elizabeth May, parallels mine from two weeks ago quite nicely. Loewen makes the argument well and it's topic we'll have to wrestle with even more in the future.

You may never have heard of Jenni Byrne but she is one of the most powerful women in Canadian politics. She is in charge of the Conservatives election campaign for 2015.

From City Lab, a man who has drawn his own massive fictional city over decades. I can't say I'm not a little envious.

The National Post asks, does the Senate have a death wish? I would counter, can it be killed?

Eric Grenier has a piece about how the recent rise in the NDP's fortunes differs from previous ones. 

Paul Wells at Maclean's writes about Trudeau's declining inevitability

Finally, Alice Funke looks how the Harper Conservatives could use their resources and changes to election laws to "out-election" their opponents

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