Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fifth Anniversary of the Orange Tory

June 22, 2015 marked the fifth anniversary of this blogging project. Five years is a long time to do anything and so I am somewhat shocked to discover that somehow five years has passed. As always I want to give special thanks to my readers. When I began this process I imagined I would be writing mostly for myself, and occasionally my friends who like politics and current events. Somehow though the audience for my blog has grown considerably and I hope that those out there reading it get something meaningful out of it. June is on track to be the most pageviews, if Blogger is to be trusted, that I have ever received.

As for what might be coming soon to the blog, I am currently reading two books that I plan to review and post sometime in the next couple of months: Protecting Canadian Democracy by Serge Joyal and Nation Maker by Richard Gwyn. In Brampton I have been following the Hurontario-Main LRT debate and I have been thinking of how I might want to write about that topic. Also coming up is a post about the Canadian Senate and I think I have a novel approach on how to go about it. As readers have no doubt noticed more and more attention has been directed towards the upcoming federal election, assumed to be set for October 2015. It's likely that I will be taking an active role in the campaign that is to come, however I hope to keep my blogging alive and well during that time.

During the next campaign I hope that this platform can provide more in-depth examination of the local races and candidates. The national discussion will be readily accessible and the local news is what I fear will be lost. Brampton will have five federal races and there will be dozens more  in the area around it. I am debating trying to interview candidates, but given my expressed partisan preferences I sincerely doubt that that will be practical. What might be interesting is writing about what it is like inside a campaign, something most citizens never experience.

Aside from the above I can only give scant ideas of what the next year might look like for the Orange Tory. I am in a moment of transition in my life and so I cannot say if a year from now where I'll be living or what I might be doing and how that might impact this project. I am always interested in feedback so please feel free to comment of send me a tweet @SLee_OT on Twitter. Thank you to the friends and supporters who have been so valuable in this process and I hope the fifth year stands above all the rest.

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