Thursday, June 18, 2015

Worth Reading - June 18, 2015

Aaron Wherry writes that the 2011-2015 Parliament should perhaps be named the Lamented Parliament but (cautiously) suggests that things may improve in light of our national despair

Paul Well at Maclean's lays out Justin Trudeau's announced platform for reforms to Canada's Parliament, elections, etc. 

Chantal Hébert writes that the focus on parliamentary and democratic reform will hurt the Conservatives going ahead. 

John Ralston Saul says that the Truth and Reconciliation's report is the last chance for the country to get things right with indigenous Canadians. I sadly disagree, if this moment passes another will return in a generation, but the best time to start addressing these issues was decades ago not decades from now.

Mallory Andrews in the Dissolve writes about the tenth anniversary of Revenge of the Sith, nostalgia,trauma and what the new Star Wars films have to try to balance. 

A Liberal candidate in Nova Scotia resigned his candidacy when the Liberal Party supported Bill C-51. I have been hearing a lot of chatter about how Liberals hate what the party did on C-51 and here is some tangible evidence.

In the Ottawa Citizen Peter Loewen writes on how Mulcair may become Prime Minister. Likewise, a similar piece was in the Globe and Mail, link here

The Immigration Minister made some embarrassingly racist and then ignorant comments, Paul Wells takes him to school

This articles explores the intersection of transit and gentrification. Better transportation lets people access markets and connect the hottest job markets with people who can afford to live in those markets.

The Hill Times writes that the Conservative Party is having real trouble attracting star candidates to replace the number of high profile ministers they have lost over this parliament. 

Finally, Emmett MacFarlane wrote a series of tweets criticizing the elected leadership of our House of Commons. Definitely worth considering. 

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