Thursday, June 11, 2015

Worth Reading - June 11, 2015

Michael Den Tandt writes up the Auditor General's report on the Senate expenses. He recommends we burn down the Senate, so clearly it's not as bad as it seems. 

This article is a familiar one, a college professor is concerned if modern liberals have become too focused with silencing speech and put a chill in the halls of academia. Putting that aside I though the author made a really interesting point that modern social justice/progressive critics would rather examine the latest Avengers film for gender bias rather than discuss meaningful social problems, like unemployment. That point alone made it worth sharing.

Aaron Wherry reports on an undercovered issues inside Bill C-59. The Conservatives have inserted a clause to escape a Access to Information violation and court case. Another sad commentary on our parliament.

After too many years of delay the Premier of Ontario has announced a plan to expand the Ontario legislature by 15 seats along the same lines the federal government did after the 2018 provincial election. I am concerned about this, especially for how disproportionate seats will be in 2018.

It is curious that many of Harper's most prominent appointees to the Senate are also those with the greatest violations in the Senate scandal. Chantal Hébert writes about the connection here

As we get closer to breaking ground on the Hurontario LRT in Brampton and Mississauga opposition is mounting. Some of the alternative ideas are absolutely ridiculous.

Picking up from Paikin a few weeks ago Martin Regg Cohn argues that its time to replace Ontario's flag with something that better fits its modern identity

Finally, enjoy this piece of satire from the National Post mocking the boycott of Tim Horton's

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