Thursday, June 25, 2015

Worth Reading - June 25, 2015

For a change of pace it's a bit heavy on culture and media this week. 

This first one is about video games. You'll hear people say that the current method of video game and film production makes it easier than ever, especially with crowdsourcing. Here is the story of Tale of Tales and their struggle to put out their passion project, which failed despite making it to market

Bad news from the NWT, the population had the biggest one-year drop in over a decade this year. 

Maclean's offers a bold piece - Star Wars sucks

I really liked this one, from Screen Crush, the idea of 'turning off your brain' is bad for movies and the consumer and leading to worse films.  

From the New York Times, looking at the tragedy of Charleston in the frame of the Obama Presidency

Brampton's LRT has stirred significant controversy for whether or not it will harm the hertiage district. In response Code Red TO wrote a piece about LRTs in cities hundreds or thousands of years old

In a sign that Canadian politics is about to get worse, Justin Ling writes about the rise of Super PACs in Canadian politics. These are third parties raising unregulated money to run partisan ads.

Here is a really interesting article about why it can be so difficult to talk about issues of race with white people

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