Thursday, November 5, 2015

Worth Reading - November 5, 2015

Punjabi Canadians have a growing presence in the halls of power and reflect the shifting demographics of the country. According to The Hill Times Punjabi is now the third language of the House of Commons, after English and French. 

The Brampton Council voted down the Hurontario-Main LRT through downtown. During the vote Twitter was very active. Through that I was exposed to some new and interesting voices, one of them Fatima, wrote a piece about engagement in light of the meeting. You can follow her @Fatima_Barron

From the Toronto Star's Christopher Hume, Brampton drives another nail into its own coffin with the LRT decision. 

Final piece about the Brampton LRT issue (for now), Sean Marshall is another great Tweeter you should be following, @Sean_YYZ, wrote a response to Council's decision

A lot has been written about Justin Trudeau's new cabinet. The inclusion of so many rookies makes it tough for even junkies like me to wrap my head around what it all means. In light of that here is a simple list of all the new members of cabinet

Electoral reform is one of Trudeau's promises that I will be following most closely. Martin Regg Cohn writes that this might be his greatest challenge

If you want to follow the Trudeau Government's commitment to their promises a website has been set up to track their progress on their 184 promises

I first heard about this article on the Idle Thumbs podcast. This is an article about the potential hazards of artificial intelligence. AI has become an increasing topic of fear in our media, so check out how paper clips could destroy us.

This was one of the most disappointing articles I've seen this week. MPs in all parties are expressing reticence in adopting the new powers given to them through the Reform Act

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