Thursday, November 12, 2015

Worth Reading - November 12, 2015

Andrew Coyne suggests that the Conservatives need to take a harder look at the Harper years if they want to return to government

Jen Gerson writes about the reaction of the 'establishment' to the defeat of the Harper Conservatives. There certainly has been some jubilation at the end of the Harper era among the intelligentsia of this country.

Maclean's has a piece on how the Liberals won their majority with new voters

An editorial from the Toronto Star on the Hurontario-Main LRT

The Ontario government is pursuing a sale of Hydro One even though many point to the fact that it will end a sustainable revenue stream and offers no long-term positive outcome. 

Apparently Patrick Brown, the current leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, spent $2 million to win the leadership. Perhaps a sign of the increasing importance of money in Canadian/Ontarian politics. 

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