Thursday, November 19, 2015

Worth Reading - November 19, 2015

On the lead up to the federal election there were a number of controversies over the selection of local candidates. It was easy to be critical of Trudeau and the central party rather than the candidates in these conflicts. The Edge in Yellowknife gives details on a controversy over the Liberal nomination in the Northwest Territories

I've seen this argument made numerous times before. From the Bramptonist, the election of five Liberal MPs means Brampton is poised to get special attention from the federal government. I entirely disagree. It suggests that the government runs solely on a crass quid pro quo model and is tantamount to corruption.

Hurontario-Main LRT advocates seem obsessed with the loss at Council, which has been frustrating for me. I like this piece from Fight Gridlock, a local organization, who suggests what supporters of the HMLRT should concentrate on next

On a related note, Brampton Council voted to have staff come up with alternatives to the HMLRT.  It's a frustrating position, I imagine, for city staff who already backed the Metrolinx proposal.

Martin Regg Cohn gives his take on the opaque and foolish decision by the Ontario government to sell off Hydro One

The Globe and Mail suggests that John Tory's proposed Smart Tracks plan has a major financial shortfall and that the 'Western Spur' may cost as much as $5 billion

In the wake of the tragic attacks in Paris there was an explosion on social media of professed support. My skepticism tends to put me in the camp that this was largely fueled by self-indulgence, self-importance and social pressure and little to do with the tragedy. This piece from The Atlantic offers a more positive interpretation

Andrew Potter takes a look at the Harper legacy and how while some parts are easily overturned by Trudeau the federal government has lost substantial power vis-a-vis the provinces. 

Finally, this piece from the New Yorker questions if polls are hurting democracy

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