Thursday, November 26, 2015

Worth Reading - November 26, 2015

Apologies for the short list this week, it has been a busy one. 

Sean Marshall took a look at GO Transit's fare system and found it unfair

The housing affordability crunch in the London region in England may be replicated in Canadian cities. The average London home sells for twelve times the median income, in Toronto it is eight times.

After the Liberals took government Finance Minister Bill Morneau (LPC - Toronto Centre, ON) announced they inherited a $3 billion deficit. Stephen Gordon says that this doesn't add up

What's next for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party? In a recent speech Patrick Brown (PCPO - Simcoe North) suggested a more moderate path to win seats in the GTA

This week territorial elections were held in the Northwest Territories. Eight sitting MLAs lost re-election, including the long-serving Minister of Finance. 

Steve Paikin writes that Hamilton, Ontario could learn from Brooklyn, New York as a post-industrial city in a big metropolitan area. I think it's a flawed comparison, but it might hold some value. 

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