Thursday, October 8, 2015

Worth Reading - October 8, 2015

Only 11 days left until the election and advance voting begins tomorrow! 

Toronto City Council has betrayed their initial move towards ranked-ballots

Scott Gilmore writes that Canadians should be ashamed of the small, petty issues that grab attention while serious crises and problems face Canada, such as our relationship with Indigenous peoples. This sums up much of my feelings on modern campaigns.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi came out strongly for the disgusting politicking around the niqab

A couple of weeks ago a NDP candidate in Saskatchewan resigned because of the strain on her finances. This will have to be kept in mind if longer campaigns become the norm.

A Mississauga Conservative candidate endorsed conversion therapies to "cure" gay people

Eric Grenier writes about the electoral transformation of Alberta. With polls shifting this analysis may be incorrect. We'll see on October 19th.

Justin Trudeau arrived in Brampton to hold a rally. As the Toronto Star reported, they bussed in supporters from across the province in a show of strength. This rally did not indicate strength in Brampton, but a clear interest in Brampton as a target set of ridings.

Jon Ivison continues his cross-country tour. Here are three of his stories: Brampton, Waterloo, and Downtown Toronto

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