Thursday, October 15, 2015

Worth Reading - October 15, 2015

This is the last Worth Reading before the vote. I plan on at least one last blog post before the election. The one planned is an election prediction.

A piece in Maclean's asks whether or not we would be better off removing candidates' parties from the ballot. There's some easy criticism here, it would hurt candidates with low name recognition and make voting more difficult.

Eric Grenier takes a look at battleground Toronto, it will be critical ground for both the Liberals and NDP. The Conservatives even have a few seats in the city that they badly want to hold on to.

Andrew Coyne's take on the "Muslim question" in recent Canadian elections. 

Paul Wells explores the question of what happens if the Conservatives win the most seats, but not a majority

Brent Rathgeber is fighting an independent campaign in St. Albert-Edmonton. Here is a profile piece from iPolitics. 

Andray Domise, former municipal candidate and co-host of Canadaland Commons, writes that he believes the black community should not vote Liberal in this election

Kelly McParcland has harsh words for Trudeau's deceptive campaign

Normally I wouldn't put an article about a political ad here, but Hazel McCallion cut a video in support of the Liberals and it is pretty great. You got to love Hazel.

Royson James writes that Mississauga City Council should be applauded for its decision on a mosque proposal. I am inclined to agree. Perhaps there is some hope for the political class afterall.

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