Thursday, October 22, 2015

Worth Reading - October 22, 2015

Well, it's over. After nearly 3 months of campaigning and politicking the election and over, and with it nearly 10 years of Stephen Harper's rule. On Tuesday I will write my reflections on the result, but this week I was still far too wound up to write anything valuable.

One of the biggest downsides of the election this week was the defeat of many impressive, valuable MPs. On Monday I watched great men and women be forced out of public life in Canada, and we are poorer for it. The Toronto Star came up with a short list of these defeated MPs

CBC has some analysis on how the election turned out and how the Liberals won

Luke Savage at Jacobin Magazine writes a critical piece on the celebration of the Trudeau victory and the faux-progressive nature of the current Liberal Party. 

One of the few things that give me hope is that this might be the last election under the First-Past-the-Post system. I am doubtful, but it might be...

Eric Grenier has been recording podcasts during the campaign. Here is his final pollcast on the final results

Adam Radwanski helps to explain what happened to the NDP

Chantal Hebert writes that Trudeau's selection of a cabinet, to be announced in November, will be critical in setting the tone for his government

A group of students at the University of Toronto put together a graphic about what happens after we vote

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