Thursday, October 1, 2015

Worth Reading - October 1, 2015

What happens when schools overlook introverts

I'm a big fan of Giant Bomb, a video game website. Vice did a profile on them and how their adjusting after the death of their main host, Ryan Davis

The scandal around the Sudbury by-election continues to unfold including charges being laid on a Liberal fundraiser. 

This is an article that I am loathe to share. Evidence is mounting that the NDP is losing support in Quebec. The party still leads, but by far less than just a couple weeks ago

The Liberals released their budget plans. According to reports I have read it is full of holes. For example, it has $3 billion of unexplained cuts. Andrew Coyne concurs

Though I missed it, I heard that the debate on foreign policy went quite well. I also think Paul Wells might have a point that breaking the old debate format was for the good.

It is the common assessment of the chattering classes that the decline of NDP fortunes in Quebec is tied to Mulcair's position on the niqab. Richard Gwyn argues that Mulcair's position was an important stand on principle

The Huffington Post takes a look at what role vote splitting might have on the 2015 election. 

John Ivison is crossing the country and reporting on what he observes at a more local level. Here is his take on Atlantic Canada and Quebec

A Conservative activist came out against Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. 

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