Thursday, August 6, 2015

Worth Reading - August 6, 2015

Jesse Brown sat down with Ian Young of the South China Morning Post's reporter in Vancouver who writes about the connection between Hong Kong and Vancouver and the impact on housing and immigration. I found this interview incredibly fascinating and highly recommend a listen.

Similar to my piece on Tuesday the Globe and Mail broke down the electoral prospects and challenges of the parties in each region

Aaron Wherry writes about Stephen Harper's long campaign

Brent Rathgeber, currently an independent candidate for St. Albert-Edmonton, writes that abolishing the Senate is reckless

Canada's largest union (if I recall correctly) has put together data on Harper's economic record. It is hardly the rosy picture he depicts.

Adam Radwanski writes about the federal political scene in Quebec as we enter the first phase of the election. 

Now that the Pan Am Games have concluded in Toronto the talk has shifted that it is time to consider an Olympic bid. I am strongly opposed to an Olympic bid, but apparently the people of Toronto are not.

If you're planning to watch the first debate of the campaign tonight (8 PM Eastern, check your local listings) you might want to read Paul Wells' piece laying the foundation for the campaign

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