Thursday, August 20, 2015

Worth Reading - August 20, 2015

Norm Kelly really doesn't fit the template of a political social media star, but he might be the best Twitter account going by a Canadian politics. Here's an article looking at the unlikely rise of this 73-year-old's account

Gracen Johnson talks about the impact of small business on strengthening the urban fabric and revitalization. 

The Atlantic has an intriguing piece on the evolving sensibilities and sensitivities on university and college campuses and how we got here. The article transgresses the surreal at points. Protecting students may be cocooning them from reality and interfering with their ability to respond to real problems thoughtfully.

Add this one to the collection, a young woman running for the Liberals in Alberta had to apologize for comments she made on social media. I believe in a later story it was reported she resigned.

A writer at Vok spent some time with a man who attacks women/feminism on the internet. 

Steve Paikin writes about the tensions at Conservative Party press conferences

Check out Andrew Coyne's take on Harper's handling of the Duffy Scandal/Trial. 

The other day at dinner my sister, father and I were able to quote from memory some of the attack lines against Justin Trudeau as a joke. It suddenly became clear how pervasive that messaging has been, especially since most of my family isn't political. Susan Delacourt writes about the impact of this marketing

Chantal Hebert writes that the Duffy trial has become a lead balloon to the Conservative activists

Finally, the New York Times offers a scathing take on our Prime Minister and our election

I might be using this one for a piece next week. In May Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns sits down with his colleague Andrew Burleson to discuss how to manage cities facing a fiscal crisis

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