Thursday, August 27, 2015

Worth Reading - August 27, 2015

Justin Ling has a scathing piece on what journalists have to do to cover the Conservatives' campaign. Sleep well, freedom of the press.

On a related note, the Prime Minister isn't the only candidate avoiding press scrutiny. This one has the added bonus of having a Brampton angle.

The Walrus has a really interesting piece on Uber and the taxi industry

To the great frustration of many, Brampton's decision on the Hurontario-Main LRT may not come in September

Hill Times gives its take on the PMO and Senate through the revelations from the Duffy Trial

Hopefully during the election we'll spend some time looking at the gender break down of the gender of candidates. From The Tyee, we take a look at female political reporters and columnists

The Globe and Mail has an editorial on how the Prime Minister's Office is undermining and parasitic to our democracy

During an election candidates' families often play an important role. Now that Prime Minister Harper's children are older they are taking on a more active role. 

Allan Levine offers his take on the Machiavellian PMO

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