Thursday, August 13, 2015

Worth Reading - August 13, 2015

This is an article I'll probably revisit many times: Harper's serial abuse of power

Adam Radwanski writes about NDP's Toronto-area strategy for the election.             

Last week I shared a podcast Ian Young appeared in, now here is his article on Vancouver's affordability crisis

The Toronto Star comes out against Mr. Harper's "terror tourism" policy. 

The Liberal Party is having more nomination trouble, this time in Vancouver South. From the Straight and the Globe.

In the National Post Stephen Gordon writes a critique of universal childcare benefits and boutique tax credits. I support the NDP plan, but it is important to address these concerns.

Toronto needs to redraw the boundaries for its council wards. This will be a big debate in the near future and will shape Toronto politics for years to come. A set of five proposals has been presented. 

Jane Hilderman, Executive Director of Samara, writes about how new House of Commons after October 19th will have to deal with a substantial rookie class

The Brampton Guardian is reporting that senior staff may have impeded the auditor's investigation

Divyesh Mistry has painstakingly drawn images of what downtown Brampton would look like with the proposed Hurontario-Main LRT. 

As discussed a few weeks ago New Zealand is debating a new flag, here are some of the proposals

From City Lab, what would a city on the moon be like? 

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