Thursday, May 29, 2014

Worth Reading - May 29, 2014

Earl Washburn, author of the Canadian Election Atlas blog, has his latest projection up for the Ontario election. 

Provincial elections have a tremendous impact on federal elections (and vice versa). From the Toronto Star, the federal NDP is watching how the ONDP performs in this election. 

The Torontoist has an interesting piece on the power of incumbency and some numbers on how hard it is to push out incumbent city councillors. 

The next two articles are tied together. This one discusses how the ONDP under Andrea Horwath (ONDP – Hamilton Centre) has lostits moral compass

This piece by Robin Sears answers the above by saying critics and the hard left of the ONDP are living in a fantasy land devoid of the political realities of contemporary Ontario. 

For the record, I have mixed feelings about the current ONDP and the positions it has taken. It might be the subject of next Tuesday’s blog post.

Perhaps the most serious allegation of corruption has been levelled against Mayor Susan Fennell of Brampton. A close associate of the mayor has received numerous government contracts without tendering. 

Dan Stein, a Green candidate in this election, has an interesting piece about the lack of meaningful, tangible policy from the three main parties. Bias warning, obviously.

I don’t often talk about video games on this blog, but I really like both the game and this article. Prison Architect is a simulation where you run your own prison. The author talks about the subversive and moral messaging in the game. 

Steve Paikin asks, can one Green MPP make a difference? The answer is yes, and hope that the Green Party of Ontario manages to election at least one MPP this time around.

From the Ottawa Citizen, Peter Loewen warns that if the next federal election is about competence Justin Trudeau (LPC – Papineau, QC) could be in real trouble. 

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