Thursday, May 22, 2014

Worth Reading – May 22, 2014

With the Ontario debate (tragically only one) scheduled for June 3 Ontario media are asking for questions. Please feel free to submit yours

From City Lab, despite the great deal writing on the topic of gentrification it appears clear from recent census analysis that deeply impoverished neighbourhoods are very persistent over long periods of time

iPolitics takes a look at the Progressive Conservative Party platform and asks about some of the faulty assumptions that lay within. 

Michelle Bilek, ONDP candidate for Mississauga-Erindale and a friend of mine has a nice profile in local media. 

I saw someone on Twitter contrast the ruling party’s candidate for Prime Minister of India to Justin Trudeau. Reading this article about the Indian national elections certainly adds an interesting element. 

Transit expansion is driving up rent prices and condo-conversions in Massachusetts, and likely everywhere. Transit intended to service lower-income neighbourhoods may ultimately destroy them

Also from Next City – they had great articles this week – how the suburbs can be retrofitted.  The article discusses examples from new suburbs and urbanizing suburbs such as those in York Region. 

Adam Radwanski writes about Andrea Horwath (ONDP – Hamilton Centre) and the ONDP’s strategy for southwestern Ontario

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