Thursday, May 1, 2014

Worth Reading – May 1, 2015

A truncated Worth Reading this week. My schedule has been chaotic of late and I have not had the time to dig up a plethora of articles, but I do have these five and a video.

The only news about Rob Ford that would shock me at this point is if he resigned or withdrew from the election. That being said the latest reported video and audio from the mayor has caused him to briefly withdraw from public life to seek treatment of some kind. 

From the Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert writes on the poor federal Liberal prospects in most of Quebec

Jon Lornic in Spacing looks on the recent Ford developments and considers the impact upon his supporters

Althia Raj in the Huffington Post writes a list of reasons why the Fair Elections Act fails to adequately address the issue of robocalls

The Atlantic Cities discusses a survey of American and European mayors and highlights the differences in their concerns and priorities for their cities

Chuch Marohn of Strong Towns gave a “Curbside Chat” in Vancouver. It’s a great talk and nicely summarizes his ideas. Video link here.

Chuck Marohn – Curbside Chat in Vancouver Nov 11, 2013

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