Thursday, May 15, 2014

Worth Reading – May 15, 2014

Slate has been writing a string of articles writing about the United States as if it were a foreign country/culture. The results are pretty humorous.

From Hillary Clark of TVO, she argues that electoral boundary redistribution is a big sleeper issue in this election. The imbalance between riding is outrageous resulting in three voters in Oak Ridges-Markham being worth one vote in York West. 

Andrew Coyne in the National Post advocates for mandatory voting

David Soknacki is a lesser-known candidate for mayor of Toronto. He advances himself as a policy wonk and an “ideas candidate”. The National Post writes on one of his ideas, to turn a failing golf course into a large public park

Justin Ling at Loonie Politics writes that the upcoming federal by-elections could be the perfect time for the Greens to pick up a third seat in the House of Commons. 

Kayle Hatt writes some analysis on Tim Hudak’s (PCPO – Niagara West-Glanbrook) plan to cut 100,000 public service jobs in Ontario. 

Martin Regg Cohn writes in the Star that the Ontario NDP have been enablers for the Conservatives to move farther to the right. There has been a lot of talk about the NDP’s move to the right (or if it has) recently.

Since I’m not on the ground in Ontario I have no idea what the campaign looks like. My family doesn’t know who they will vote for, and I’m told that most are disengaged. Eric Grenier writes that under these conditions it might be turnout that give the PCs a majority

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