Thursday, April 7, 2016

Worth Reading - April 7, 2016

John Ivison writes that the Conservative leadership race is getting underway with a possibility of drafting Brad Wall and resurrecting Stephen Harper to hold the party together. 

As a progressive media operation the Tyee has been full of pro- and anti-Mulcair pieces. This one caught my attention arguing it was strategic voters who sunk the NDP, not the leadership of Tom Mulcair.  It's not a perfect argument and may be a bit of a post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Yay! The government of Ontario has introduced legislation to allow municipalities to used a ranked ballot for their elections

Canadian Press wrote up a story on the role money had in the 2015 Canadian election. Big spenders did not necessarily win, but it did convey certain advantages.

In the New York Times Ian Austen argues Mayor Ford was a symbol of Toronto's health compared to American cities, reconciling suburbs and urban core

Martin Regg Cohn shares some stunning research on the donation patterns in Ontario

Archeologists have made a new discovery of a second Norse site in Newfoundland

One of the big criticisms of proportional representation is that it would let in the lunatic fringe, in particular right-wing parties. I argued against this in Tuesday's post.

Now, how about an sophisticated maze a man created for 300 marbles to roll through, almost Rube Goldberg in nature. 

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