Thursday, April 14, 2016

Worth Reading - April 14, 2016

Lots of NDP stuff this week.

Aaron Wherry writes up his summary of the NDP Convention and where the NDP stands

Jen Gerson writes that while the NDP Convention removed Tom Mulcair from power it is Premier Rachel Notley who was thrown under the bus

Premier Kathleen Wynne has shared her plans to reform political fundraising in the wake of scandal

Martin Regg Cohn offers his take on Premier Wynne's sudden change. On Twitter he suggested an all-party committee, with the Green Party leader, should shape the new rules, and he suggested some serious MPPs who could get the job done.

Sean Marshall investigates Metrolinx's purchase of properties in Downtown Brampton. 

John Geddes suggests that Megan Leslie, former Halifax NDP MP, would be the good consensus fit for the next NDP leader, and considers other alternatives. 

Jim Gilliam argues here that to solve America's leadership crisis more people need to run for office, highlighting the shocking large number of uncontested elections. 

In local Toronto news a leader of Black Lives Matter is embroiled in controversy for a tweet. Desmond Cole pushes against the reaction and contextualizes it. 

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