Thursday, April 28, 2016

Worth Reading - April 28, 2016

Hello all, apologies for no post on Tuesday. It was a busy morning and afternoon that day and when I sat down to write something writer's block overwhelmed me. I have a couple topics I want to address, but it felt like returning to the same well too often, and another wasn't ready yet for the light of day. If any readers have suggestions for what they would like to see on the blog in terms of topics I'd be happy to entertain suggestions.

The Ontario government has announced a highly ambitious proposal that by 2050 only 20% of commuters should travel by car. Best of luck with that.

Ashley Csanady writes that the Uber-Taxi debate in Toronto is missing the voice of women in regards to safety

From the National Post, why non-Native Canadians don't understand that just moving isn't a solution

Jon Lorinc in Spacing asks what Toronto can learn from Janette Sadik-Khan

The Star is reporting on some questionable fundraising practices used by the Ontario NDP

Related, Martin Regg Cohn questions the motivations of ONDP leader Andrea Horwath in including big business and big labour at the political fundraising reform committee. 

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