Thursday, September 24, 2015

Worth Reading - September 24, 2015

Short list this week, it has been a hectic one. It's only 25 days until election day!

This past week the community group Brampton Focus organized a novel debate strategy. Here is the Brampton Guardian's coverage, which highlights the absentee Conservatives and two Liberals

I have seen a lot of hyperbole about the new U.K. Labour leader, Corbyn, so I was glad to read this piece in the Globe about his ideas

Desmond Cole is now writing for the Toronto Star. Here is his inaugural piece about a 'White Students' Union'. The posters look like creepy bro ads from Abercrombie.

During the last debate Stephen Harper made reference to "old stock Canadians". At first I didn't react much to the phrase, but many did. Here is a piece contextualizing the comment

As the election draws nearer Peter Loewen asks the question, do local candidates matter

The Prairies are poised to change its colours. From Eric Grenier, polls indicate that Saskatchewan and Manitoba are ready to trade Conservative blue for NDP Orange and Liberal Red. 

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