Thursday, September 17, 2015

Worth Reading - September 17, 2015

Alice Funke writes how the current election sits. She concludes with an interesting point, never before have the three federal parties been in this position and are on unfamiliar ground.

From the Toronto Star, how might the Senate play out for the next government of Canada? 

This is a fun one. Foreign editors from Vice look at photos of our three main party leaders and try to guess at their personas

The NDP released their costed plans this week. CBC has an article with some highlights

The scale of the refugee crisis in Europe at the moment is difficult to understand. The war and chaos in the Middle East and broader Muslim world has had dire humanitarian impact. European states are sadly not all responding with open arms. Hungary has had a troubling slip towards the right in recent years, the National Post writes about growing despotism in the central European state

On a related note, Canadians have taken note of our own actions during this crisis and found us wanting. Former Chief of the Defence Staff offered his thoughts on the matter, as presented through the National Post's Michael Den Tandt. 

Lastly on this topic, Prime Minster Stephen Harper defends his government's position on Syria

Newcastle, Australia adopted a novel approach in repairing its downtown

Martin Regg Cohn writes how the newly seated leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario can get his party back on track

From The Economist, Canada - strong proud and free-riding. Canada owes more to the world and needs to carry its weight

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