Thursday, September 10, 2015

Worth Reading - September 10, 2015

It is always distressing when politicians do not understand how our system of democracy works. Stephen Harper in a recent interview with Peter Mansbridge stated that he would resign as PM if he did not win the most seats. Steve Paikin explains why that is not how our system works

Steve Paikin is not alone in this mission, Kady O'Malley talks about both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau's mischaracterization of our system.

From City Lab, the patterns of white flight and racial segregation are still very much in play in American cities. 

Jane Taber reports on the NDP's plan to win the Toronto region in the coming election. 

I really like this piece from Maclean's. One of the things driving me crazy lately is how people make decisions. My idealistic heart wants it to be a battle of ideas and visions, but the reality is quite different

Jennifer Ditchburn reports on the sluggish Conservative campaign and growing internal fighting within the party

Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest reigning monarch in British history. God Save the Queen.

Samara Canada has released its latest report, and very valuable reading in the middle of the campaign. Titled "Message Not Delivered: The Myth of Apathetic Youth and the Importance of Voter Contact in Political Participation" explores the disconnect between engaged young people and formal politics

The Syrian refugee crisis has entered the election campaign as an issue. Stephen Harper has been defensive at Canada's limited intervention

I listened to this episode of Canadaland from July featuring Justin Ling about the PMO's media strategy and how he doesn't want to play ball anymore. Check it out

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