Thursday, April 9, 2015

Worth Reading - April 9, 2015

John Oliver brings his brand of comedy to another serious issue, government surveillance. It's worth watching all the way to the end.

A brilliant ballad for former Senator Mike Duffy as his trial begins. Yes, it's in verse.

Can the liberal university survive? Schools are under increasing social pressure to deliver economically and present a corporate ethos.

A number of prominent Conservative Members of Parliament have announced their retirement, including two members of the cabinet this week. Prime Minister Harper will be going into this election with quite a different team, as well if he is asked to form the next government.

From the New York Times, an article highlighting some of the positives of gentrification for a Los Angeles neighbourhood. 

John Ivison writes that reform will save the House of Common from irrelevancy. 

I'll be honest, I am suspicious about voluntourism and organizations such as "Me to We". CBC was posed to release a documentary on the topic but then pulled it at the last moment, Canadaland has the story here

The Greenland Norse is one of my favourite nerdy topics. A researcher just published a paper saying that the Greenland Norse survived in a colder, harsher Greenland for hundreds of years. 

Those "Canada Economic Action Plan" ads are unconscionable and are little more than Conservative television promotions at this point. In the Toronto Star, an argument for the Auditor-General toinvestigate these ads for partisanship. 

Mark Jarvis is one of my favourite people on Twitter. Here Mark writes about the caretaker rules for Canada as we head towards the next election and the need to firm them up. 

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