Thursday, April 16, 2015

Worth Reading - April 16, 2015

Aaron Wherry writes how the seat projections extracted from polls are open to interpretation for partisans

Maclean's has a piece on Stephen Harper's economic record and see how conservative it really is. 

Work with Samara! The fantastic NGO Samara Canada is hiring for three positions, including a graphic designer. Check out their website for more details

Last night on The Agenda Steve Paikin sat down with Matti Siemiatycki to talk about why public spending on projects always runs over time and over budget

Alberta is in the midst of a provincial election. While most of us now know to accept polls with a grain of salt there are some very unusual numbers coming out of that province, such as surging NDP. Eric Grenier breaks them down here.

Hurray! It looks like Elizabeth May will be included in the federal debates this fall! 

This week Justin Trudeau announced that he was in favour of a coalition with the NDP, until the next day when he categorically ruled it out... 

From the Globe and Mail, Justin Trudeau is facing opposition to the arrival of Eve Adams and the attempt to parachute her into the Eglinton-Lawrence riding

Andrew Coyne's take on the Mike Duffy trial. Coyne argues what's really offensive is what is legal, not illegal in this case. 

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