Thursday, March 5, 2015

Worth Reading - March 5, 2015

Yesterday Prime Minister Harper announced proposed changes to crime legislation to extend the sentence for violent crimes and limit the ability to get parole. 

Steve Paikin summarizes the state of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership race

Chantal Hebert writes how the PCPO race might foretell the future of next Conservative Party of Canada race. 

In the event of the zombie outbreak flee the city

Former Ontario Premier Bill Davis is heading up the panel on the Brampton university. The article shows that Mayor Jeffrey is trying to put together a powerful political coalition to pressure the provincial government.

Michael Chong (CPC - Wellington-Halton Hills, ON) has started the erosion process for centralized power in Canadian politics. The Globe and Mail says it's the job of the next class of MPs to push it even further.

From Granola Shotgun, the author takes a look at what the future of the suburbs might be. It's a question I wonder about a lot.

Unsurprisingly Members of Parliament don't know what's inside omnibus legislation. Peter Stoffer (NDP - Sackville-Eastern Shore, NS) has introduced a private members bill to ban them.

On a related topic, Jon Ivison writes about Parliament's inability to scrutinize public spending, which is its fundamental responsibility. 

Another piece from Chantal Hebert talking about how the Bloc Quebecois and Conservatives are appearing to certain Quebec voters by attacking niqab-wearing women

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