Thursday, March 12, 2015

Worth Reading - March 12, 2015

Chris Selley in the National Post writes about John Williamson's (CPC - New Brunswick Southwest, NB) racialized comments during the Manning Conference in Ottawa. Selley makes some valid points, but I mostly applaud his use of a Kids in the Hall reference.

One of the big questions in my mind about the 2015 federal election is 'What will happen with the Green Party?' It's entirely unpredictable, obviously, but projections sometimes show them electing more MPs outright. Eric Grenier offers his analysis here

Andre Domise writes about unrepresentative media and the impact it has on minority communities. 

Chantal Hébert writes in the Toronto Start that the positioning of the Conservative Party in recent weeks and months and the promotion of fear tactics threatens the fabric of Canadian life

This week the Minister for Public Safety came under attack for citing the Holocaust to defend Bill C-51, the anti-terror bill. 

Third party spending during Ontario's provincial elections is an embarrassment and disgrace. The province's Chief Electoral Officer has called on the province to reform laws to restrict them. 

Lawrence Martin lays out the scenario where the NDP may form the next federal government. This article is definitely a little thin, which is disappointing.

While no fan of the Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau (LPC - Papineau, QC) I present the text of a speech he made on the theme of liberty. 

Jon Lorinc writes about the rapidly and shocking cost increases for subway extensions in Toronto and the possible impact it will have on the planned Scarborough route. Also, check out part two for some serious(ly depressing) number crunching. 

Two pieces came out reflecting on Mayor Linda Jeffrey's first 100 days in office. Peter Criscione offers up a report card on the major fields for the new mayor and the Globe and Mail focus more on the state of the city of Brampton's finances

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