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Worth Reading - March 27, 2014

Apologies for the delay, I was travelling this week and didn't have time to post. Here's this week's Worth Reading.

Aaron Wherry for Maclean's lays out the issue with the legal justification for Canada's intervention in Syria. No laughing matter, certainly.

There seems to be something very strange happening in Brampton. The chief bureaucrat at the city has left. Reading San Grewal's article it's not hard to imagine why he has been ousted

As I've shared on this blog many times before, I am a fan of the work done by the people over at Strong Towns. Recently they have been taking a look at the infrastructure lobby. There seems to be a major contradiction: we have a massive backlog of maintenance, and most spending seems to be on new construction. It's baffling. Strong Towns takes apart some of the claims of pro-builder organizations here.

Definitely related to the above, how much is sprawl costing America? I promise you we are not so different in Canada.

Martin Regg Cohn writes that the backwards fundraising laws and election spending in Ontario threatens its democracy

Michael Harris lays out his case for why Justin Trudeau is handing the election over to Stephen Harper. I don't buy the argument completely, but I present here regardless.

Despite much being made of the revival of Liberal fortunes in Quebec Chantal Hébert suggests that there is a very weak effort on the ground in the province

Worth Watching

CTV's W5 did a profile of the NDP leader and Leader of the Opposition Tom Mulcair (NDP - Outremont, QC). It's definitely worth a look and gives a preview of what we can expect in coming months. 

Bridgette Schulte: Overworked, Overwhelmed - A TVO interview about the stressers of modern life.

Making Work Meaningful - Why are companies making meditation rooms and putting a growing focus on mental health at work? Two scholars discuss these trends with Steve Paikin and the route of the problems in contemporary work. 

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