Thursday, April 3, 2014

Worth Reading – April 3, 2014

Kady O’Malley of CBC reports on the recent problems on the riding level and how it may impact voters’ impressions

Andrew Coyne writes in the National Post that the process the federal Conservatives are using to push forward on the “Fair Elections Act” proves they are no normal government

Alice Funke of the Pundits’ Guide blog/database has rolled out a database for the future Ontario election. It’s very neat, definitely worth a look through.

For Ontario political watchers the last two weeks have certainly been interesting. Following the Ontario Provincial Police’s tightening investigation of former Premier Dalton McGuinty and his staff there were substantial leaks about the upcoming Liberal budget. It certainly provides convenient distraction, but now the Liberals are facing more embarrassing scrutiny and their rollout is ruined.

Steve Paikin of TVO writes about the strange fate of twoof the most powerful backroom operators in the country. The Chiefs of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Dalton McGuinty offer an interesting case study, in particularly Paikin seems to suggest something about what political outsiders do within the system.

Issues of gender, sexuality and tolerance/acceptance are very prevalent, but outside of the comforting public discourse is the course language that people use in more private settings. This is especially true of young adolescent boys. The Walrus takes a look into Calgary-based program on a new approach for sex education for boys.

With our geographically-based electoral districts Canada has a problem with voter inequality. Votes in different provinces and ridings in those provinces vary in importance and influence. This column in the Ottawa Citizen suggests how a simple change could correct this imbalance

Eve Adams (CPC – Mississauga-Brampton South, ON) was not a particularly well known MP a before a few days ago, but recent revelations have certainly increased her notoriety. Here are two pieces on the drama on this MPs goal to switch ridings. Jon Ivison writes about the rise and fall.  The Ottawa Citizen writes on the Prime Minister’s order to investigate internally

I’m a transit nut. It’s an area of policy I put a lot of stake int. When I first heard Olivia Chow say that there is no need to debate the Downtown/Yonge Relief Line I thought she was crazy. The argument given in this article actually made quite a bit of sense. Why argue about a line that is 5-8 years away. Obviously planning should begin but an overall strategy may be more important than a compliment to one subway line.

Royce James writes again in the Toronto Star about Mayor Susan Fennell. James makes the critical point, Brampton City Hall as aninstitution is more dysfunctional than Toronto’s.  He also raises the critical role of media and how a lack of scrutiny led to this crisis.

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