Thursday, April 10, 2014

Worth Reading - April 10, 2014

Earlier today we learned that Jim Flaherty (CPC – Whitby-Oshawa, ON) passed away. No doubt a controversial figure in Canada Flaherty was a dedicated public servant, so it seems fitting to begin with a speech he gave on public service

Also announced today, CBC will face further cuts leading to 657 layoffs and the end of professional sport broadcasting. 

From Beyond the Hill magazine, I was interviewed last fall for my first print article. Please indulge my shameless self-promotion and enjoy this article about delegated conventions beginning on page 20

Spacing talks about the strife surrounding Brampton’s light rail line. 

An interesting piece in Maclean’s magazine about the growing class divisions in American and how they are hardening. 

Paul Wells, also in Maclean’s, reviews the seemingly ineffective nature of Twitter in the Quebec election, and perhaps all elections. 

The hardest job in politics may be making a cabinet, or a new government. Steve Paikin writes that changing from one leader to another is likely even more complicated than changing from one party to another. 

Issues of race and class privilege are something I often think about. I think I often get caught trying to figure out a “chicken or the egg” scenario explaining their relative importance. This piece does a good job in separating and linking the ideas

Michael Chong (CPC – Wellington-Halton Hills, ON) is introducing revisions to his Reform Bill. Good luck Mr. Chong, you’re our only hope.

The Economist writes that Britain’s government is essentially out of things to do which is crippling parliament. The strict agreement between the coalition partners, Conservatives and Liberal-Democrats, has delayed addressing certain issues and finished most of their agreed upon policies. 

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