Thursday, April 17, 2014

Worth Reading - April 17, 2014

Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page raises concerns about our economy, but argues that nothing can be done to repair the economy before we fix our government

Justin Ling in the National Post dissects Justin Trudeau’s (LPC – Papineau, QC) shallow foreign policy critique of the sitting government. 

Andrew Coyne, once again, on the Fair Elections Act and the potential fallout of its implementation.

This week Olivia Chow and John Tory unveiled their plans for Toronto’s transit system. 

Steve Paikin sets the stage for the (likely) upcoming Ontario provincial election

From the New York Times, suburbs could begin to suffer as young people return to city centres to stay. 

The Ontario Liberals have rolled out their plan to fund transit and some of the early details. It will likely be highly contentious and be a key issue in an upcoming election.

This is a neat graphic that I came across on Twitter; a map of where population isn’t in Canada. 

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