Thursday, March 27, 2014

Worth Reading – March 27, 2014

Eric Grenier offers an interesting thought exercise, what if the NDP broke through in Quebec in 1997 and roughly maintained those numbers. It’s a fascinating scenario and suggests interesting possibilities if the Bloc has in fact ended its tenure as an important player on the national stage.  

News that broke today: Former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s staff is charged in connection with a potential cover-up tied to the gas plant scandal. 

Rob Anders (CPC – Calgary West, AB) is facing a formidable opponent in his nomination battle for the 2015 election. Anders is an odious figure to say the least and may be off the ballot in the next election.

Gracen Johnson writes about her efforts to find a housesmall enough to meet her needs. This is an issue I touched on on Tuesday, a lack of diverse housing choices hurts people with different preferences and budgets.

John McGrath writes about the need (or lack there of) for the Toronto Island airport expansion. I find his piece quite compelling really, but he construes this expansion as setting up a Pearson-style hub, which Billy Bishop will never be.

Warning: This article is for extreme urban policy nerds. From Spacing, Toronto may soon receive a new planning system that will greatly reduce the strain on developers and planning staff. 

An article on why this “No Make-up Selfie” trend needs to come to an end. 

More bizarre nomination stories, Eve Adams (CPC – Mississauga-Brampton South, ON) is looking to change ridings which has caused tension, favouritism and confrontations within the Conservative Party in that area.

Susan Delacourt asks a fantastic  question; if the government wants a mandate for sweeping reforms to critical institutions it should call an election

Before the charges and deeper investigation into Premier Kathleen Wynne’s predecessor, this article suggests her biggest challenge was to create space and contrasts between the Liberals and ONDP

Mentioned earlier this week, Linda Jeffrey (OLP –Brampton-Springdale) has resigned from Cabinet and her seat at Queen’s Park to run for mayor of Brampton. 

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