Thursday, March 20, 2014

Worth Reading - March 20, 2014

I begin this week with stories from back home in Brampton, Ontario. This story broke about two weeks ago, but I have only had time to focus on it now. A report by the City of Brampton revealed that $704 million that was allocated was not spent on projects approved by Council. This is a shocking revelation and suggests gross mismanagement of the city over the past ten years.

Update on the above story on how Brampton’s City Council is beginning to piece together the misallocation of funds.  

Following the above story Royce James in the Toronto Star advocated to the people of Brampton that it was time to remove Mayor Fennell in the coming fall municipal election. 

Edward Keenan in The Grid writes about fringe candidates, why the media does not take them seriously and what they can do to change that. 

Speaking of fringe candidates, Sarah Thomson has announced her candidacy for Mayor of Toronto. I actually enjoy Ms. Thomson’s podcast/radio program on Toronto politics, but this article and her actions make her sound like a laughable caricature of fringe candidate.

The federal parties are using unconventional (and icky) ways to track your information

From the Atlantic, highly educated countries have better governments, possibly because their citizens complain more. 

Justin Ling writes on the Liberal nomination issues arising out of Trinity-Spadina, Ontario.

From the Huffington Post, J. J. McCullough writes about a certain brand of bilingual elitism that exists in Canada. I do not wholeheartedly agree with McCullough, but I must admit to feeling stupid, or excluded when at a public event the speaker switches to French.

Jon Lorinc in Spacing lays out the positions of the major candidates in the race for mayor in Toronto on transit. 

Worth Watching

 Rick Mercer on the Fair Elections Act

Elizabeth May: Fair Elections Act (Bill C-23)

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