Thursday, March 13, 2014

Worth Reading - March 13, 2014

Beginning in the North, the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories is debating a move to extend their mandate one year to avoid conflicting with upcoming local and impending federation election in 2015. This would increase the time the legislature sat from four years to five.

Edward Keenan has offered up a platform freely to mayoral hopefuls in the city of Toronto. The idea has me tempted to do the same thing for Brampton.

Speaking of Brampton, in the Guardian there is concerns that the proposed-LRT line will not proceed in Brampton do to the actions of an indecisive city council. 

Samara is running a series on political participation within political parties. Here is part one of Adam Goldenberg’s piece about what one needs to work in politics

Chris Hall of CBC writes about the troubles confronting the so-called Fair Elections Act

Toronto is reviewing is ward boundaries for city council. I cannot explain why but I find this process incredibly interesting.

From Salon, the new film Stalingrad may offer greater insight into the Russian psyche than one may initially suspect. 

Twinned pieces from Samara here (I have a lot of content from them this week, sue me). The first encourages citizens to get involved in political parties. 

The second talks about the problems with political parties and how even activists within parties can feel like outsiders

From the Globe and Mail, hopes that Generation Y/Millennials will swoop in to prop up the housing market is misguided. 

This was a fun video to watch, Dr. Danielle Martin appears before a Senate committee in the United States to explain Canadian healthcare. 

Finally, and shamelessly, I had a piece appear in Samara this week. I wrote about the need to reform riding associations to make them more effective and democratic. 

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