Friday, February 28, 2014

Worth Reading – February 28, 2014

Apologies for the delay, business and then misfortune caused me to push this back.

Justin Ling, quickly one of my favourite Parliament Hill journalists, offers a rebuttal to Pierre Pollievre’s defence of the Fair Elections Act

John Tory announced he was running to be mayor ofToronto, but first he’ll have to get past Karen Stintz. 

Urban planning and dictatorship; Atlantic Cities has a fascinating look at the relationship between regimes and public space

The term middle class is so misused it has begun to lose all meaning. Joel Kotkin writes about the increasing proletarianism of the middle class in America

Susan Delacourt writes about the real reason political parties are failing Canadians

In Spacing Jon Lornic discusses what kind of transit plan John Tory may offer for Toronto. 

In the most-excellent news category, both the NDP and Liberals are putting forward legislation that will allow municipalities to use the ranked-ballot in Ontario

John Ivison suggests that the interesting policy passed by the Liberals at their convention may hurt them in the general election.

I loved the video store. As a fixture in the cultural and physical landscape it was one of my favourites. This piece celebrates the now lost video store, may it never be forgotten. 

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